Go-Karts for Outdoor Kids

You love to go outside with your DINO CAR in any weather and enjoy playing in the fresh air. After school your go-kart already waits for you, ready to take on new adventures. Race your friends, play skill games or transport your treasures in your trailer. A DINO CARS® go-kart always brings action and fun for outdoor kids like you.

DINO Stylez - built especially for YOU

You know what you want - a DINO CAR just the way you like it. Broad wheels are cool and your favorite color is red, or silver perhaps?... and your go-kart is to carry your name? No problem! On the next pages you will build YOUR OWN DINO - made especially for you.

Security and Quality "Made in Germany"

DINO CARS® has designed and produced pedal-driven go-karts in Brual in North-German Emsland since more than 20 years. We exclusively use first-class selected materials meeting the highest quality and security standards. 

DINO CARS® go-karts constantly undergo technical and practical tests. Our vehicles are certified by external testing institutes and carry the CE marking. DINO CARS® convinces by offering a framework guarantee and a long-term spare parts supply.

State of the Art Technology

The automatic freewheel allows driving forwards and backwards without manual switching. One of DINO CARS®'s latest development is the 6-fold seat adjustment. Supplementary welded steel reinforcements in the seat retainers prevent a deflection of the seat - also if used in a professional context.

Together the Best.

We welcome your comments describing your experiences and your suggestions so that we can continue to develop the best go-karts for your children in the future. Your satisfaction is one of our central aims.